Data is the most commonly used and misused resource in any organization. Its relevance and impact on decision making can never be undermined. However, number crunching and quantitative analysis might be intimidating and overwhelming. The seminar aims to develop an appreciation of the power of quantitative and qualitative data and the required skills to manipulate it for effective and efficient analysis. Data supported analysis does not only aim to eliminate unscientific guesswork in the workplace but definitely clearly defines the health and dictate the direction of the business in numerical terms.

Target Participants

This seminar would most benefit the following sectors

¨ Small and medium scale business owners

¨ Technical and non-technical personnel from both the manufacturing and service sectors

¨ Faculty members

Minimum Background: None


This aims to:

¨ Discuss strategies to formulate frameworks on efficient data gathering and measurement

¨ Help participants develop relevant performance metrics

¨ Discuss qualitative and quantitative data processing, analyzing techniques

¨ Provide participants with skills on data storytelling using visualization techniques in Excel Dashboard

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Data

2. Data Processing Cycle

3. Performance Metrics and KPIs

4. Data Analyst Tool Kit

5. Pivot Tables

6. Data Visualization

7. Data Storytelling

8. Excel Dashboard