UP NEC Training (May 6-10, 2019)

The UP National Engineering Center conducted the following 3 training programs this week:

Professional Certificate in Facilities Management Series 2, with 24 CPD Units (7-9 May 2019)

Buildings are primary assets of any working organization. These are considered as investments and, thus, require constant and appropriate usage and care to preserve, and even increase, their value. This training presents guidelines on procedures in setting up planned inspections of buildings, identification of root causes of issues, and determining the proper solutions to address and correct issues. These will then serve as inputs for the establishment of the correct maintenance plans and monitoring activities for a particular facility.

Professional Certificate in Construction Management Course 3: Construction Project Cost Estimating and Analysis (7-9 May 2019)

The degree of success achieved in any construction project depends upon the ability to project as accurately as possible the various conditions and contingencies which may arise during the construction period. In the estimating stage, proper knowledge of hazards, risks and needed resources in a given construction project is essential in the determination of a project’s tender price. This training intends to equip the participants with the necessary background knowledge and tools in estimating and analyzing construction cost.

Business Analytics Certification Program Module A: Introduction to Business Analytics (8-10 May 2019)

This training provides an introduction to business analytics which starts from the identification of business analytics problems to finding and implementing solutions to these problems. An introduction to the design of dimensional models and data warehouses is also included. Visualization techniques are also discussed. This course also gives an overview of the various business analytics models for classification, regression, time series, association, clustering, text mining and optimization problems.

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