This year, the University of the Philippines National Engineering Center (UP NEC) and UP College of Engineering (UP COE) will be organizing a series of activities that will showcase scientific projects, research works, and accomplishments in the field of engineering. These activities aim to raise awareness on the value of engineering and science and their critical roles in improving the quality of life of ordinary people. Through these activities, faculty members, engineers, scientists, researchers, and students will be provided a unique platform where they can disseminate and promote their research undertakings.

Unlike the conventional mean of disseminating scientific works, these activities are eyed to use the format of TED Talk that is short, concise, idea-focused, provokes conversations that matter, and fosters learning, inspiration and wonder.

To capacitate potential speakers, the UP NEC and UP COE organized a Training on Bite-Size Learning: How to Deliver a TED Talk Type of Presentation on 28 August 2018 at the Seminar Room A, UP NEC.

The training was held in partnership with the UP Office for the Advancement of Teaching (OAT), an office under the UP Diliman Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs that aims to lead the development of necessary systems, mechanism, and programs designed to ensure quality teaching and learning.

UP OAT Director Professor Rosella M. Torrecampo and Prof. Nico Paolo P. Arguelles of the UP College of Arts and Letters served as the resource persons.

Prof. Torrecampo discussing TED Talk’s history, format, and rules.

Prof. Torrecampo provided an overview of the TED Talk, its history, format, and rules. She then discussed the value of designs and language to improve presentations. Prof. Torrecampo highlighted the benefit of “telling a story” as a format in presenting. According to her, the audience tends to relate and understand more the topic if you deliver it through a tale to which they can relate. To improve further one’s presentations, speakers must know how to tease the audience. Teasing can be done through anecdotes, statistics, quotes, ironic/hyperbolic statements, problems, conundrums, and jokes.

Prof. Arguelles focused on what is public speaking and how to ace one. He mentioned that to speak in front of people is indeed a tough task but at the same time fulfilling especially when you’re able to connect, transcend your message, and motivate people to act. Throughout his lecture, Prof. Arguelles discussed things to remember such as voice, gesture, posture, and maturity when talking in public. He also demonstrated valuable techniques (e.g., finding your “sexy” and modulated voice) on how to improve presentations in these areas. Prof. Arguelles consistently emphasized the importance of public speaking as an effective engagement tool and that people should not be afraid of it. To improve such, preparation is the key. Doing rehearsals such as practicing in the mirror and recording your voice can improve one’s skills.

In the afternoon, Prof. Arguelles conducted demonstrations where participants delivered actual presentations and they were given critiques. Prof. Jill Manapat and graduate students Ms. Esmeralda Maniquiz and Mr. Dale Mhar Alfeche served as the “brave souls” during the activity.

The training program was graced by UP NEC Executive Director Dr. Rizalinda L. de Leon and Deputy Executive Director Dr. Mili-ann M. Tamayao.

Resource persons and participants posing for a group shot after the program.