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UP National Engineering Center Participates in SIBOL: Orientation Program for New Employees

The UP National Engineering Center (UP NEC) actively contributed to this year’s SIBOL: Orientation Program for New Employees, held on August 22-23, 2023 at the UP Institute of Civil Engineering. Organized by the Human Resource Development Office of UP Diliman, the event aimed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the University’s vision, mission, and culture for new Research, Extension, and Professional Staff (REPS) and administrative personnel.

A dedicated booth was set up by UP NEC to showcase the diverse ways in which the center supports the growth and development of new UP employees. The booth served as an interactive space where attendees could explore the various services offered by UP NEC. 

Ms. Rea Bunuan, UP NEC’s Officer-in-charge, seized the opportunity to present the center’s valuable services on stage, highlighting the role UP NEC plays in contributing to the University’s objectives. This provided attendees with insights into the significant contributions UP NEC makes to the University community. The presentation outlined the center’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration. It emphasized how UP NEC serves as a vital resource for research, engineering solutions, and professional development, thereby contributing to the overall advancement of the University’s goals.

To enhance engagement, UP NEC offered freebies to individuals who visited the booth. This not only created a positive and interactive atmosphere but also allowed new employees to take away tangible reminders of the center’s presence and support. The freebies served as a token of appreciation for the attendees’ interest in learning more about UP NEC’s role within the University.

SIBOL or “Service Introduction, Basic Culture and Organization, and Learning Application,” encapsulates the essence of the orientation program. The initiative is tailored specifically for REPS and administrative personnel, providing them with a foundational understanding of the University’s core values, organizational structure, and learning opportunities. It aims to ease the onboarding process, ensuring that new employees feel integrated and aligned with UP Diliman’s overarching vision.

The participation of UP NEC in the SIBOL: Orientation Program for New Employees underscores the center’s dedication to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment within the University. By actively engaging with new staff members, UP NEC contributes to the seamless integration of individuals into the UP community, laying the groundwork for successful contributions to the University’s academic and research endeavors. The booth, presentation, and freebies collectively reflect UP NEC’s commitment to excellence and its role in shaping the future of UP Diliman.