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Wellness Seminar on Cardiovascular Health

The University of the Philippines National Engineering Center (UP NEC) Wellness Committee hosted a seminar on Pag-aalaga ng Puso at mga Ugat: Ating Alamin at Gawin last October 13, 2023 which was presented by Dr. Olivia Basuel, Deputy Director of the UP Health Service. 

Participants to the seminar included both the NEC staff as well as staff from the different tenants of Juinio Hall.  Raising awareness particularly on the proper care of our hearts, Dr. Basuel stressed the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep and emotional health.  She also discussed the common diseases related to heart and arteries.  She presented relevant statistics as well as risk factors that contributes to coronary diseases.  She taught the participants the causes, symptoms and warning signs of stroke and hypertension. Dr. Basuel explained that there are modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and encouraged everyone to make healthier choices.